About Namma Kovai

Who we are

With the philosophy of we Coimbatorians, by Coimbatorians for Coimbatorians, Namma Kovai is a federation of NGOs, philanthropists, well-wishers, CSR professionals and common people from the Manchester of South India who have come together to work for the welfare of Coimbatore city. The federation started as a whatsapp group in 2016 to bring together public and government officials on the same platform to address civic and infrastructure issues faster. The group which began sorting out civic issues managed to recently raise funds upto Rs 30 crore for the Covid-19 second wave, to help provide equipment and support to both Coimbatore Medical College Hospital and ESI Hospital.

To take it to the next step, With the support of our Respected District Collector Dr. Sameran, I.A.S we have created this platform to make Namma Kovai open and accessible to every citizen of our city.

What we do

Namma Kovai - a first of its kind initiative in Tamil Nadu with an intention to connect the need and deed. A joint initiative by District Administration, Corporate and Community to support the welfare of the Coimbatore. Namma Kovai enables to raise request by people who are in need of support for their education, healthcare, skill development or infrastructure. Request will be reviewed and prioritized by District administration, and passed on to donors of Namma Kovai platform. Assistance in terms of products or services or financial support can be the provided to the needy. The platform will ensure transparency, integrity and fulfillment of doing the right thing for the right people at the right time.

To take it to the next level, with the support of our esteemed District Collector Dr. Sameran, I.A.S, we have created this site to open up our city and make it accessible to every citizen of our city.

How we do

1. Beneficiary submits a request for support by logging in at the portal website (www.NammaKovai.org)

2. Genuineness of the request & Need is verified

3. Need is mapped with specific allocated government schemes/funds if any, or posted on for public view in Namma Kovai platform for the community for crowd sourcing of support to beneficiary.

4. NGOs, Corporates, Individual donors can contribute their support to the beneficiary directly via Namma Kovai platform

5. Namma Kovai team will ensure the support reaches the beneficiary, collects feedback and completes the loop of support given by the donors